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Our top 10 favourite inclusive brands

At the end of this week, a new month begins. But before we introduce the new topic for the month of April, we’ll close out March properly with a list of our top 10 favourite inclusive brands.

Let’s not ramble on for too long, here we go!

1) Nike

A few years ago Nike launched a campaign called: ‘Until we all win’. For the campaign, they came out with a series to create more awareness for more diversity in all areas. Different ethnic backgrounds, people from the lGBTQIA+ community, and many more people. Everyone got involved.

Paired with these campaigns, they also released a line, such as the one below.
We love the inclusiveness they share with the world. 


2) Thirdlove

Thirdlove is a lingerie company that was founded to answer the frustrations of countless women. 

Let’s quickly look back at the blog of 2 weeks ago about plus-size fashion and size-inclusivity. Not all women have the same body, yet there is always only 1 standard size made.

Thirdlove provides women with lingerie in a whopping 78 different sizes, including half sizes! How amazing is that?


3) Skims

2 weeks ago we mentioned Khloe Kardashian and her size-inclusive jeans brand Good American. Today she passes the baton to her older sister Kim Kardashian, whom we all know.
Kim K has released an extensive shapewear collection in a variety of sizes, as well as colors! All to make women feel empowered and sexy.


4) Jumping beans

Clothing and fashion should be accessible to everyone, including children with mental and/or physical disabilities.
Jumping beans has released an adaptive junior clothing line that makes life easier for even the youngest of people. 

5) Silverts

Not only the youngest, but also the oldest sometimes have a hard time getting dressed. 

Silverts therefore released a line that makes the dressing process easier for seniors. The line consists of both casual and classy clothing. 


6)Billy Footwear

The adaptive shoe brand designed by Billy Price. Especially for the people who have difficulty putting on shoes. Because of the zipper, you don’t have to make an effort to slide your foot into your shoe anymore, you can simply put your foot in and zipper it up. 

7) Modanisa

Probably one of the most well-known clothing brand among women who like to dress modestly. Modanisa is an affordable brand that provides women with trendy, modest clothing pieces. 

8) Under-rapt

The very first modest athleisure apparel and lifestyle brand. 

They combine the fabrics and styles of your favorite athleisure brands, but with an eco-friendly, sustainable, cooling, sweat-resistant and breathable twist.

9) Lanuuk Swimwear

Who says swimming can only be done in swimsuits and bikinis? Lanuuk offers women of all sizes modest swimwear. Double inclusive. 

10) Big bud press

Big Bud Press is a LA-based clothing brand that designs everyday unisex clothing in a human-friendly and sustainable way. Oh and they have a size range from XXS to a staggering 7XL. 

We love this! 


Here was our top 10 favorite inclusive brands. Do you love them as much as we do?