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Every Body Deserves the Perfect Fit with Faslet

Empowering Confident Choices in Fashion: At Faslet, we leverage Advanced AI to provide precise sizing for every body type. Our technology streamlines the shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business efficiency.

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Unlock the Future of Online Apparel and Footwear Shopping with Faslet

Are you ready to revolutionize your online apparel or footwear webshop? Faslet offers cutting-edge solutions designed to elevate your business. Here are three compelling reasons why partnering with Faslet can transform your online store

Enhance CX

Our "Size Me Up" virtual assistant ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers. By offering a quick and easy way to find their perfect size, we not only enhance the shopping experience but also build customer loyalty and trust in your brand.

Increase Conversions

By providing customers with the confidence that they are choosing the right size, our "Size Me Up" virtual assistant encourages more decisive and frequent purchases, directly contributing to an increase in sales. 


Reduce Returns

Our accurate "Size Me Up" virtual assistant significantly reduces the likelihood of returns due to size issues. This not only saves costs associated with returns but also strengthens your brand's reputation for reliability.                                                                                                     

The Power of Faslet Tools

At Faslet, we're committed to providing our partners with a robust toolkit designed to enhance your retail business. Our 'Size Me Up' portal offers a wealth of opportunities to support your success.

A productflow of Jeans

Size Me Up' virtual assistant

Faslet’s 'Size Me Up' virtual assistant empowers your retail customers to effortlessly discover the perfect size in just a few simple steps. By instilling confidence and reliability in the sizing process, you'll foster increased customer loyalty and drive higher sales, ultimately boosting the profitability of your fashion business. With customers receiving the right size, you can expect a substantial reduction in returns, translating into cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Actionable data insights

Harness the power of consumer insights to tailor your products precisely to the needs, desires, and demands of your customers. Faslet's Profile Insights is an innovative analytics tool that provides valuable insights into anonymous user behavior. It empowers your apparel retail business in numerous ways, offering a deeper understanding of your users, identifying missed sales opportunities, and enabling precise marketing segmentations.


Faslet Hub

Streamline your operations with Faslet's Hub, a self-serve portal that centralizes critical information. Here, you can seamlessly upload your brand logo, customize buttons, access essential metric insights, effortlessly add new products via product IDs, and set up A/B tests for performance optimization. The Faslet Hub is your command center for making data-driven decisions and maximizing the potential of your fashion brand.

"Due to Covid-19 people are shopping more online and as a result of that Rain Couture received more size and fit-related queries. It was clear that our customers needed more online support than our static size chart to find the right fit online."
Picture owner rain couture
Daphne Gerritsen,
Owner of Rain Couture
"The Faslet tool instantly increased our conversion rate. It's also a great addition to our webshop to better the customer experience. All around a great success!"
Niek Koedam,
Founder or Nølson
"Faslet has played a huge role in lowering the return rate and I am very positive about both the tool and the team! They are very proactive, open-minded and involve the customers in the process." 
picture owner Neycko

Rick Ros,
Founder of Neycko


“We see Faslet as an additional component to our webshop. The number of phone calls asking how to measure have decreased enormously since the integration of size-me up.” 
picture ecommerce W2W

Annelies van Rooije,
e-commerce manager of Wear2Work

“Faslet has helped us improve the sizing of Studio Anneloes through valuable data analyses and thoughtful advice. Their insights have helped us provide our customers with an even better fit.” 
monique broeke

Monique Broek,
Sr Apparel Pattern | Sizing | Fit | 3D Specialiste-Studio Anneloes

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