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Size and Fit Technology for online clothing stores

Faslet’s size recommendation solution benefits you, your customers, and the environment.
It’s an innovative, user-friendly, and sustainable solution to sizing and online shopping.

Faslet in action

Help your retail customers find the right size, increase your conversion rates & reduce the
clothing returns!

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How Faslet can help your online webshop

Faslet's Size Me Up widget helps your retail customers find the perfect size. Providing this sense of confidence regarding size will increase customer loyalty and sales, making your fashion business more profitable.
Since your customers will receive the right size, your returns will be significantly reduced, saving operational costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

More sales, fewer costs

Faslet’s Size Me Up widget has shown an impressive 150% increase in conversion rate. In turn, you’ll find that size- and fit-related returns are significantly reduced. Results shows up to 40% reduction in returns. This will save costs (an average of €12,50 for each return) and reduce your CO2 footprint. More sales, fewer returns and reduced customer care needs combined, Faslet’s Size Me Up-widget can help your fashion brand reach new levels of profitability.

Easy custom integration

Faslet’s Size Me Up widget is easy to integrate on all e-commerce platforms. It can be done within 30 minutes to place, no technical or design background required.
We will be there to help with the initial setup and to answer any questions you might have. The widget is customizable to your brand both in size and aesthetic. You can upload logo, change font and layout that matches your fashion brand aesthetics perfectly.

Valuable customer intelligence

Faslet gathers customer intelligence, providing you with valuable insights for
future brand strategy. Faslet's Size Me Up widget creates analytic reports which will be accessibel within Faslet's "Self Serve Portal"
Adapting your clothing range and/or brand strategy in line with these results can have a huge impact on your brand’s future.

Faslet tools at your disposal

In order to support our partners in the best possible way, we offer a widget with a portal and a plethora of opportunities that helps us do this.

Size Me Up

'Size Me Up' Widget

Faslet’s Size Me Up widget helps your retail customers find the right size in just a few easy steps. Providing this sense of confidence and safety regarding size will increase customer loyalty and sales, making your fashion business more profitable. Since your customers will receive the right size, your returns will be significantly reduced. This will both save costs and reduce CO2 omissions. 

Faslet insights

Consumer insight can provide your business with the opportunity to better personalize and tailor products to the needs, wants, and demands of your customers.

Faslet's profile insights is an innovative analytics tool provided by Faslet. It gathers insights about the anonymous user and drive impact to your apparel retail business in many ways, notably to your insight in your users, missed sales and marketing segmentations.


Faslet Hub

Faslet's Hub is a self-serve portal which connects all information together and where you are able to customize the Size Me Up widget, shows metric insights, easily add new products to the widget via product ID, set-up A/B test performance and more.


"Due to Covid-19 people are shopping more online and as a result of that Rain Couture received more size and fit-related queries. It was clear that our customers needed more online support than our static size chart to find the right fit online."
Daphne Gerritsen,
Owner of Rain Couture
"The Faslet tool instantly increased our conversion rate. It's also a great addition to our webshop to better the customer experience. All around a great success!"
Niek Koedam,
Founder or Nølson

"Faslet has played a huge role in lowering the return rate and I am very positive about both the tool and the team! They are very proactive, open-minded and involve the customers in the process." 
Schermafbeelding 2022-05-20 om 16.19.23
Rick Ros,
Founder of Neycko
“We see Faslet as an additional component to our webshop. The number of phone calls asking how to measure have decreased enormously since the integration of the tool.”
Schermafbeelding 2022-05-20 om 16.23.33

Annelies van Rooije,
e-commerce manager of Wear2Work

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