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5 Sustainable Fashion Brands That We Love

Here at Faslet, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in the fashion revolution, for brands that create beautiful, well-made, and sustainable pieces, and for something that makes us feel good when we wear it, in more ways than one!

This week we’re taking a look at some of our favourite sustainable fashion brands, all suggested by members of the Faslet team as something they regularly buy from and believe in. We’ve spoken before about the importance of cutting emissions from fashion supply chains through packaging and shipping, and our company model is committed to reducing waste in the form of ill-fitting and abandoned clothes, and needless returns. These brands are all similarly committed to the green future of fashion, and here’s how.



First up, Armedangels. This German company is committed to a sustainable and regenerative future, with a focus on recycled and circular economies in the production of their cotton, denim, and wool products. Emphasizing care and repair, Armedangels equip their customers with the knowledge they need to ensure that they get the most life out of their garment, before returning it to the circular economy. And to ensure that this next stage in the product’s life cycle is as smooth as possible, they deliberately manufacture their goods to be easily disassembled and recycled with unscrewable buttons, labels printed directly onto the garment, and replace rivets with embroidery. These clever tweaks are used for their Circular Denim collection, which results in a 61% reduction in CO2 emissions and a further 13% reduction in water use from their already critically acclaimed Detox Denim collection. That’s a whole lot of good packed into one pair of jeans!


From daily denim to something a bit special, KITRI is famed for its beautiful, stand out designs – but you’re unlikely to see them twice (unless you manage to snag one, that is). That’s because KITRI specialises in limited run, hard-working hero pieces, without breaking the bank. With hugely popular waitlists and limited restocks, KITRI has built a cult following that ensures near-on zero wastage or overproduction. And the best part, with such limited stock, you’ll never be caught out wearing the same outfit as someone else at the party!


BONNE Amsterdam has a similar ethos, reacting to the fast fashion industry and its glamourisation of excess and accumulation. Their products are grounded in a focus on durability, everyday wear and a unisex fit, allowing their customers to embrace the versatility of their 100% cotton suits over a lifetime. BONNE’s suits take pride of place in any capsule wardrobe, and it’s not hard to see why.


Taking it back to basics is another German pioneer, Honest Basics, whose approach to sustainable fashion is all about accessibility and transparency. Their products are all made with 100% organic cotton, and they take an equally all-encompassing approach to their supply chain, which is quality and ethically assured at every stage, from their factories to the management team. In fact, they’re aiming to take this transparency to the next stage in 2021, with the introduction of QR codes to inform the customers of the life and journey of their clothes. We can’t wait to see this one up and running!


And finally, Goat, an all-Vegan brand who help their customers transform their sustainability efforts through more than just their clothing. Goat is committed to helping everyone shift to a sustainable lifestyle with their own dedicated blog, including a range of eco-tips and tricks to practice at home, Vegan restaurant and recipe suggestions, and care guides on how to get the most out of your clothing. Speaking of which, all of their products are made from either organic cotton – which uses 91% less water and emits 46% less CO2 – or recycled polyester, which boasts a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions versus virgin polyester. Their holistic approach helps their customers reframe their approach to consumption in more ways than one, making Goat one of our favourite sustainable brands to watch.


If you’ve found these brands as inspiring as we do and want to do your part to transform the sustainability efforts of your fashion brand, then please get in touch below to see how Faslet can help you increase customer confidence, decrease returns, and minimise your CO2 emissions through our Size Me Up! platform.