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Returns are booming: here’s how to prevent this from happening

By now, it’s no secret that online shopping has been popular for a number of years, but has seen immense growth since the pandemic. Unfortunately, there is a downside to everything, including online shopping. Although the online retail market is booming, sadly so are the number of returns. In this blog, we’ll highlight several ways how you, as an e-commerce manager, can prevent this from happening.

LaLaLand: AI-generated fashion models

Clarifying the product information on your product page is very important. Photos in particular must be clear because customers base their purchase primarily on them.

LaLaLand has created an AI-generated fashion model that presents your fashion collection on a diverse population of digital models. You can select different skin colors, body sizes & shapes, identities, hairstyles and poses. Based on that information, customers can easily make a decision during the buying process.

The variety in diversity and inclusiveness, increases conversion while reducing the likelihood of mispurchases and thus the returns that cause clothing brands headaches.

Watermelon: The 24/7 chatbot

Tools such as Watermelon‘s chatbot can also ensure customer satisfaction. In the times we live in today, customers want answers to all their questions as quickly as possible. A company is expected to be accessible and available 24/7. And if the customer does not have an answer to his question within just a few seconds, the first search for a possible competitor has already been carried out.

Keep your customers on your own website and assure them of a successful purchase, with Watermelon’s chatbot. Completely customizable to your webshop’s style, Watermelon is the added value to your business!

The Return Vignette: An end to return abuse

Over the years, consumers have been increasingly, and surprisingly, creative in figuring out how to fool the system. Specially ordering clothes for a party, wearing them only once and then returning them under the pretext of “wrong size” or “not satisfied”. It happens too often. No wonder returns are booming, but it’s time we make an end to this return abuse. Retailers can do this by charging a fee for returns. However this can lead to dissatisfaction among customers who genuinely want to return an item.

The customer experience is number one priority for many retailers. They do everything they can to ensure that customers keep returning to their webshop. But how can you keep customer satisfaction high and protect your business?

To put an end to return abuse, Twente entrepreneurs Hilko Hooijer, Niels Oude Luttikhuis and Wolter Hoekman have breathed life into Retourvignet. This not only ensures that people do not wear clothes and then return them, but they also contribute to making the chain more sustainable.

The vignette ensures that consumers can try on the clothes they have ordered, just like in the store, but will never wear them publicly because of the large, conspicuous yellow vignette hanging on the clothes. Besides influencing bad consumer behavior with the vignette, it also creates awareness among consumers.

We at Faslet find this very important. It is one of our core values to create awareness when it comes to the impact of returns. Did you know that each return is equal to driving 5 km? Now imagine that everyone of us would order clothing for an occasion and put it back in the mail the next day? Not done. Oh…and noticed how our tool can be listed as one of the options to reduce returns as well?

Returnista: For easy returns

For those customers who absolutely want to abandon their order, there is no need to go through the whole hassle of returns. Returnista offers a fast, easy and sustainable way of returns to customers of online shops.

They ensure that you prevent customer- and revenue loss by converting returns into 3x as many exchanges. In addition, they can help your webshop to reduce the number of returns in the first place by providing data insights.

Not only that, but you can also automate the return process so you don’t have to look at it anymore. This way you and your team can concentrate on more important things.

A few examples of companies who all have the same mission in mind: A pleasant shopping experience!


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