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How Faslet Boosted Dstrezzed's Conversion Rates by 16.3%



Explore the partnership success between Faslet and Dstrezzed, showcasing a groundbreaking approach to enhancing online retail conversions.

For over ten years, Dstrezzed has been creating menswear for the modern gents of the world. We believe that enjoying the good things in life is easier in quality and comfortable clothing.

Dstrezzed is built on a brotherhood that believes that life is an adventure which we should all make the best of. This community is bold, rebellious and always authentic.


The challenge

Despite Dstrezzed's success, like many online retailers, they faced the persistent challenge of cart abandonment and sizing uncertainties, which not only affected customer satisfaction but also conversion rates.


Faslet stepped in with a cutting-edge solution designed to understand and adapt to each shopper's unique body shape and size, using a combination of simple questions and advanced analytics to offer personalized size advice.

Dstrezzed conducted an independent A/B test, with support from their agency Marveltest using A/B testing platform to measure the impact of Faslet's virtual assistant on their conversion rates. This test divided visitors into two groups: one experienced the innovative size-advice tool while browsing, and the other shopped without seeing the virtual assistant. The objective was to directly compare the shopping behavior and conversion outcomes between those two groups, providing a clear, data-driven insight into the effectiveness of the virtual assistant in enhancing the online shopping experience. 

Dstrezzed flow


Within just three months of integrating Faslet's solution, Dstrezzed witnessed an unprecedented uplift in conversion rates of 16.3% and a surge in customer satisfaction, marking a monumental success in their online retail strategy.

The collaboration with Faslet has not only enhanced our online shopping experience but has also solidified our commitment to customer satisfaction, setting a new benchmark in the industry."
Rachelle Amahorseija - E-commerce Manager at Dstrezzed