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How to not fool your customers

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The end consumers of Faslet partners are customers who think. They proceed to purchase only after they have carefully considered the product and know all the in's and out's. After all, they want that cute dress or cool sweater to fit right from the first time. The perfect fit is extremely important & we know all about that! 

It's not easy to find the perfect fit and the wrong size is the most common reason for returns. It is also often confusing for online customers trying to find their way through the size charts. Are these measurements based on the clothing or on body profiles? What is the difference and how can you simplify this for your consumers? Read it all in this article.

Garment measurements vs. Body measurements?

Clothing sizes are measurements that are based on garments. It is the closest thing to basic measurements and is therefore very easy for designers and online fashion retailers to use. In addition to that, using clothing dimensions saves the fashion retailer a lot of production time and costs. However, there is a flipside to everything and that is that finished garments are always larger than the buyers' body sizes. This is because garment measurements require ‘Ease’. Ease is a term used in sewing and pattern making to express and ensure that there is space between the body and the garment. This allows the wearer of the garment to get the clothing on easily and move freely. 

Ease, therefore, is literally the difference in size between body measurements and clothing measurements. It allows us to breathe, sit and move. 


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As indicated above, clothing sizes are often used from a basic size chart and fabric is added or removed based on standard sizes. A more inclusive way of sizing is to design clothing using body measurements and incorporating different body profiles. That way you offer a wider range of sizes and don't exclude anyone. Also, you can then guarantee that the garments purchased will be the perfect fit and true to size right away. 

Besides it being your own choice as a retailer about how you design your clothing and what method of sizing you use, it is important for customer experience, trust and loyalty that this is properly communicated to the end consumer. Don't leave them with any surprises and clearly state what the customer should look for when choosing the size. 

Besides, we can help your webshop with that very well (definitely tooting our own horn here). At Faslet, we try to offer our partners and their customers the best service possible, which is a size recommendation tool based on body profiles. Everyone is unique and there is no one size fits all. 

interested in a free demo of how our tool works and how we can help you lift your webshop to another level? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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