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The future of sizing


The future of sizing

We have talked about sizing many times in past blogs, but only because it is a topic that actually IS our business. It concerns us because especially at this time, when customers of online retailers are ordering like crazy, advising customers of the right size is very important. Why, you ask yourself? Because the fashion industry, including returns from online fashion retailers, are the biggest polluters in the world. And what can fashion retailers do to partially combat this problem? Personalize sizing! WIN-WIN-WIN

Let's break this down for a moment.

Since the existence of online shopping for clothing, it has been a huge challenge for retailers to be able to advise customers of the right size. Until years ago, size charts were the only way to help us choose the right size. The only question then is whether clothing sizes are based on body measurements or clothing measurements. In the blog from two weeks ago, you can read about the difference between the two.

Sizing labels

For those customers who still couldn't figure it out after trying to figure out the size charts, we're all too happy to see the innovative chatbots deployed at many online shops. That way you could ask all your questions to an online employee. Far from ideal, but already a step in the right direction.

Providing the right service to your online customers can sometimes be a huge challenge, but with today's technology, nothing is impossible. As great as that technical challenge is, online retailers strive to provide the best service. Years ago, we were introduced to tools designed through artificial intelligence. This was not without controversy, of course, because initially they wanted to work with photos of the shopper himself. Fortunately, other ideas quickly emerged, while the development of a digital personal avatar is still in the funnel. This is a dream of many online retailers, to be able to make the shopping experience even more personal for their customers. Tech specialists are already looking into it. Even at Faslet, we often brainstorm on how this can come into its own. For now, we are still focusing on improving the existing widget.

The existing widget, as we know it today, can be used by customers by answering a few simple questions. After this, customers are immediately advised of the right size. Widgets, such as Size Me Up from Faslet, are easy to integrate into webshops and can be completely customized to your brand's corporate identity. Not only can you personalize the widget, but in an ideal world  the advice you get should be completely personal and tailor-made for you.. Here at Faslet, we strongly believe in the future of personal sizing. To promote inclusiveness and strengthen customer contact, we are pursuing a future without sizing labels. A future where a customer is not a number and certainly not attached to one or more letters. Where customers are not pigeonholed because they only fit a certain size. It doesn't get more inclusive than that, and this is exactly what we strive for. Making sure that sizes like S, M and L become a thing of the past, but size *insert your name*, becomes the new sizing. 

Together with the customers, online fashion retailers want for a greener, more inclusive fashion industry! Want to know how you can give your customers personalized size advice? Hit us up!