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The wonderful world of e-commerce

This week we entered a new month and that means a new topic.
We present you: The wonderful world of e-commerce.
Today we introduce you to the e-commerce platforms that are hot this year. 

What are e-commerce platforms?

The e-commerce platform is a fundamental part of online retail. It is the backbone that e-commerce managers cannot do without. E-commerce gives retailers the opportunity to stage their online store through an online platform. You can use software to launch, host and manage your business. You are also offered features that allow you as a merchant to build an online storefront and sell products and services. 

Easier put: an e-commerce platform supports your brand and enables growth. It is critical to the success of your business. 

Here is a small list of Faslet’s top 5!

On number 1 we have Shopify.

Shopify is one of the most known e-commerce platform worldwide. The web application helps you to create an online webstore quickly and easily using templates. You can then customize these templates to the style of your brand. 

With CMS (Content Management System), you have complete control over functionality, layout, product placement and payment. You don’t have to worry about security, Shopify guarantees its users 100% safety!

Another advantage: Shopify also has a mobile app, where you can do literally everything. Super convenient for the e-commerce managers who are always on the go!

Moving on to number two: Magento

Magento is one of the most widely used platforms in e-commerce and is part of Adobe. Although it is widely known to be complicated to use at times, the benefits weigh significantly harder. 

You can use Magento in two versions. Magento Open Source, the free version which is written in PHP, or Magento Commerce, the paid cloud version.

Also, like Shopify, you can customize your Magento website to your brand’s style!

next up we have Woocommerce. 

As one of the simplest platforms, Woocommerce is at the top of the list for many e-commerce managers. 

Through the WordPress plugin, you can put your webshop online efficiently and for free. Ideal for the small retailer, as too many plugins, products and other additional features can slow down the website. 

We’re almost there: Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is known as one of the leading cloud e-commerce platforms, which is mainly due to its low cost and flexible APIs.

The platform offers its users various tools with a wide range of options and features. They offer only the best solutions to help you take your website to the next level.

Although the webshop is difficult to put together, Bigcommerce does offer you a huge learning curve, compared to other SaaS platforms. Furthermore, the customer service of Bigcommerce is always available for all your questions.

Last but not least, Squarespace!

One of the most user-friendly platforms for your online store. No coding knowledge? Don’t worry, Squarespace’s got you covered. You get a number of tools, features and hosting server to help you build your website. Peanuts right? However definitely one of Faslet’s favorite!

Pfew, Welcome to the wonderful world of e-commerce. Are you here to stay? 



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